Wondering what he will say about your pregnancy?

Wondering what he will say about your pregnancy?

You took the test and got the positive result… Are you wondering what he will say about your pregnancy? So now what? Do you tell him? Them? Friends? Family? Anyone?

Do you start an online search with your friends “Hey Siri” or “Alexa?”

So many things to think about, so let’s chat about a few basics.

First, take a few minutes to process what is going on. Reach out to him when you are ready. 

Whatever you decide about telling him or not, and when, is up to you. If you are in a healthy relationship, he will likely be more supportive than you think. His support may be of value to you.

Next, is to confirm the pregnancy with a medical professional in person.

Online searching for pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy test information will only get you so far. Likely, you will end up more stressed out and confused.

A medical verification of pregnancy will include an ultrasound by a trained Sonographer and medical professional. The ultrasound will be the best way to see where the pregnancy has implanted, confirm viability and estimate how far along you are. All things you will need to know about your pregnancy.

What if he wants to come to the appointment?

If you think you may want to bring him to the appointment with you, that is also your decision.

If you chose to bring him, we will be there for him as well. We have support services for guys to make them feel comfortable, learn how to support you, as well as support them on their journey. So, whether you’re ready to tell him or not, we’re here for you.

Wondering what he’ll say about your pregnancy when you do decide to tell him the news?

You are not alone. Telling someone about a pregnancy can feel daunting, but this is just one step in the journey of your life.

According to the CDC and AmericanAdoptions.com, about half of all pregnancies in the U.S. each year are not expected. That means nearly two million women are trying to figure out what to say about an unexpected pregnancy each year.

Regardless of how he reacts when you decide to tell him, remember you are stronger than you think. You have so much to look forward to. The opportunities in front of you are endless and your options are many.

So, while sharing the news of an unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming, we’re here to let you know that you can do this. You are strong. You are able to do hard things. And we are here to support you as you take your next steps. Schedule a free appointment with us today.